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On March 20th, I received a letter from my car finance company claiming I didn't have car Insurance.I call Get Auto Insurance and they told me that they didn't honor Texas insurance anymore and my policy had been cancelled.

So I had to find new insurance and to find out on Monday, that Get Auto Insurance does insure Texas residents still. Yes I can say they did do me a favor by cancelling my policy, but I would not recommend this company. I have gone through having forms electronically sign by them to pull extra money out of my account, this happened on more than one occasion. I have had this company draft double the amount from my checking account and had to fight for a year to receive my money back.

This company will rip you off and then try to ignore you so they don’t have to pay you back.

I have had insurance with this company for almost 4 years.Now I will have to fight with this company and hope I can get my money back for the rest of my policy which was drafted from my account in full.

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Get Auto Insurance - Horse *** Company!! GetAutoInsurance

Mount Laurel, New Jersey 0 comments

Well first thing is, this company is full of ***!!Alisa Boyce, a manager for GetAutoInsurance, Is very rude, unprofessional, and rather dumb!

I wonder if Alisa just manage to work in the office on her knees sucking rather than managing the office. When she got on the phone with me and my wife she sounded like she was swallowing and zipping up so that is very possible!

For all that are wondering about going with this company for ANY type of insurance, This is a HORSE *** company, HORSE ***!!!!, They can't keep their word, they won't return phone calls, the workers do a poor job, the management does and even worse job!!They suck, they just *** suck!!!!!

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Get Auto Insurance - Getautoinsurance is a fraud and i am submitting a complaint about them with the insurance state com

Redding, California 1 comment

i wanted to save money and this company approched me via e-mail and i was sold the policy on the spot .ithis was two months ago and i have nothing but problems.they asked for copies of my dlicense and i faxed it three times but they write letters denyng receiving it, this while i hold the three faxes in my hand .

and you know why ? because they are thieves.

i paid six months coverage because i didn' t want them in my account and now they cancelling my policy so they can keep the cancellation fee on the pretext they have not STILL received my license even though i called three times and had to wait hours and CORNERED THE EMPLOYEES AND THEY DID FIND MY LICENSE.i have contacted the state commissioner for insurance because such business MUST BE PUNISHED .I SUGGEST ALL THE COMPLAINANTS GET TOGHETER AND FILE A CLASS ACTION AGAINST THIS THIEVES

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i am here to help, we have launched an independent investigation.

Get Auto Insurance - SUCK

Houston, Texas 0 comments
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I had a VERY MINOR incident..My tire on my truck rubbed against a Mitsubishi Bumper and made some black marks..Well the woman decided she was going to file a claim even though I showed her where the black marks were coming off, she proceeded to tell me to stop and get away from her car!So on Monday the 14th of May I spoke with Latonya Taylor Whose SUPPOSED to be MY claims Representative and when I Told her of the incident she proceeded to tell me that if my story dosen't match up with the other persons then she WILL be calling Me back (sarcastically)...

Got a letter today Indicating that I have not answered "there" phone calls or spoke with "anyone" and that if I don't follow the proper procedure I WILL BE LIABLE!!


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Get Auto Insurance - ALYSSA EXT 1608 NEEDS TO BE FIRED!

Saint Louis, Missouri 0 comments
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I spoke with a rep from the company and she told me that my policy couldnt be changed she cant change my deductibles and all of the above also said that she was a supervisor..TEAM LEADS are not supurvisors!!!

I have been with this company all of 14 days and they have given me nothing but the run around! send me notices about policy changes and cancellations and then cant even pull up the call history to figure out what the *** is going on and also CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKED! ALYSSA EXT 1608 is the worse she answered the phones at 10:00 am like i was the one with the problem uh hello yall open at 10:00 i live by a budget and want to know that my car is insured and my money is not being played with i am seriously thinking about changing soon as this month is up im out! and when i threatend to leave Alyssa was like well it dont matter anyway we dont need your service.

i wouldnt recommend this insurance just based off of customer service. who knows if they would even help you in time of emergency like an actual Car accident. Worst Customer service but i do commend Latrica ex 1620 for trying to help only problem is she sits two seats down from Alyssa and probalbly let her influence my call.

I am only a customer trying to get full clarity of this policy if yall cant help then give the job to someone else GEEZ.Progressive and flo here i come

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Get Auto Insurance - Shady operations!~

Las Vegas, Nevada 5 comments
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I had numerous issues.They would cancel my policy almost monthly even though i was on automatic pay deductions.

Because of the lapses (which were their own errors) i now have to pay the DMV over $750 in fees. I own a mid-sized company myself and i know about FTC laws and regulations. I hired an attorney today and i will be suing them. I have emails, tracked calls, and notes from every single conversation i had with them.

I will also be looking into all of their agents to see if they were fully licensed in the states they do business in.

I WILL be shutting these guys down.

No one rips me off.Stay tuned 3/2/2012

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I am being very mistreated by this insurance company, and if I can help in getting them shut down I am on board.


Yes they were shady to us to here in Texas :cry


If this does not get resolved i will also be starting a website where i will upload all my phone records, letters, complaints, emails etc.This will allow other to this as well.

One of my business partners is an attorney and we are looking to possibly start a petition to shut these guys down.Through todays digital media it is not hard to get signatures of clients who have been put through the same thing.

If they do fix my issue i wont pursue any of this but i feel an obligation to do something.


I received a response after i filed a complaint with the insurance division.The funny thing is everything they wrote on paper is false and I HAVE PROOF that it is false.

I tracked all email and phone conversations (printed phone records and all). They gave the division of insurance wrong dates and it a pleasure to know that i have kept track of all of this.

My next step is to sue them. I have all the paperwork i need and they just gave me more.

If the issue is resolved i will probably just let it go but as of right now i have my attorney on board and ready to pursue a law suit.I dont want any money i just want these guys shut down for incompetence.


Yes this company is a shady company so please take what this person is saying TO HEART.....

They also have very high policy fees that you dont get back so please look into them before you sign anything now this is not in every state they wright with but most of them. Oh and these so called agents dont have a clue what they are doing they are sell you a bull *** policy and the roadside is a joke also....

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Addison, Texas 2 comments
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This was the worst customer service experience in 42 yrs. 3 hrs to get a RoadSide Service to my stranded daughter, a service that was paid for.

They did not follow through and send my contract, this was the second time in 3 mnths, and several calls back and forth, up to a 30 minute hold at one point, i was hungup on and lied to by one of the 4 agents i spoke with in this time ,we still had to pay for the locksmith. Considering what i have read from others we should expect to never see that refund!!!KEEP SHOPPING!

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got insurance though never make that mistake again.they hooked me up with Lindsay General,the worst insurance I've ever had u name it from customer service to billing.I wound up with State Farm very happy NOW. :grin


Just FYI, your roadside is provided by a third party- NDS, not GetAuto so when you're dealing with customer serv from roadside assistance, you're dealing with a completely separate company...I used to work there.

Get Auto Insurance - is terrible

Dallas, Texas 3 comments
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WORST COMPANY EVER!Who ever is saying its great must work for them!

No one will answer the phones EVER! I'd rather have no insurance at all and get a ticket than use them agian! I got into a wreck Friday and it is now Monday but they have yet to call me back. I have tried all weekend to get in touch with them but still nothing!!

There phone line has been busy all morning and all weekend I have had threatening phone calls becasue I have no proof of insurance because of this company!DONT USE THEM

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Just bought insurance with them....paid nearly $300.00 and they were supposed to he sending my application page and esignature...instead all I got was a few pics with the company logo.I was confused.

I called them immediately to let them know because John Gano said my policy would cancel in72 hrs if I didn't have the required documents answer.I will be reporting them promptly on Monday morning to the BBB.


I'm sorry to hear about your situation, please call us at 800 987-3779 and use extension 1709, Ximena in our sales support center would be glad to help you with your issue.


Confussed I hope I don't get scruded I have three little ones and the only one working but ill let y'all know ya or na! !!


Get Auto Insurance - This company lied to me

San Jose, California 2 comments

I went with this company to save some money.They insured me for $69/month.they gave me a due date of the 31st with a grace period until the 13th.On the 4th I got a letter saying my insurance was cancelled.Tried to pay over the phone,not happening tried to pay online,couldn't.

Called company,hold time 30 minutes,was told they would have to fax me paper to fill out and send back(did this once already)This was at 10:30 Am.At 11:15 still had no papers.Called company,hold time 24 minutes.Said they have been trying to fax papers but were not able.Called company back at 12:30,gave another fax number,was told I should have papers within five minutes.It is now 3:12PM,I have no insurance,no paper to reinstate insurance,and no follow up with represenative.They do not respond to emails either.Stay away from this company!!

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I have had this insurance company for almost two years, and they have no grace period. My policy expires on the 19 of every month and if payment is not received by the end of the 19th than my policy will expire.


I have had this insurance company for almost two years, and they have no grace period. My policy expires on the 19 of every month and if payment is not received by the end of the 19th than my policy will expire.

Get Auto Insurance - Auto insurance no refund

Richardson, Texas 36 comments
Not resolved

they suck rip off agency in ga.overcharge ach from my bank then still no refund after they said they would.repeated phone calls since nov 3rd we are sending it was told that 4x i also made complaint to ftc and ag office still no 88.00 email 2 weeks ago it will be sent.still no check.stay away from above web site they said auto ins.would be 409. for 6 wife was added 2 days lateri didnt have her licence here so that was additional charge.had to send pics of my car 3x was charged for 2 months before anyone told me they had not received them,basicly they over charge you with extra fee w/out telling you in oct they hit my bank account for 128.00 extra.when i had paid them in full.they are called linsey insurance agency duluth ga.1-888-625-2467

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I have been with the company since Feb 2012.This is by far the worst experience Ive ever had with an insurnce company.

My car was hit in Apr 2012 when the police came to take the report I was told I didnt have insurance and my tag was suspended.(luckily i ws in my drive way or my carwould have been towed) They had failed to contact motor vehicles which resulted in me paying $95 dollars to reinstate my tag. I was also told my policy would be one thing but they have been debiting my account for a lot more.

I had to send pictures of my vehicle 4x's and i'm still sending them a copy of my previous insurance card that they seem to never get.You cant speak with an agent on the weekend.PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!


:( beware!


:( beware!




go wreck that 2000 ford explorer and see what happens


I, unfortunately, am having to deal with this company because the *** that hit me has them for his insurance.This place is doing business extremely shady, you get the run around no one wants to talk to you and they do not want to process the paper work.

It has been almost 3 weeks since the accident occurred and nothing has happened. I am getting soooo pissed off! I do not know what to do. I am without a car until this gets fixed.

I am afraid to get a rental car because I cannot afford it and I am getting the feeling that this company is just going to screw me over and not reimburse me for it.THIS COMPANY IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!


As a former employee of this company I can tell you all of these "positive reviews" were written by other employees.Do not purchase insurance with them.

They will do ANYTHING to get your money and will take MONTHS POSSIBLY YEARS to process your claim, if they cover it at all!This is a terrible company and I am blessed not to have to rip people off anymore by working there.


Went to review my policy online as the rep said I could do, website unfound, cuts off after certain time in the evening.I don't recall state farm going being shut down in the evening.

What kinda of company shuts down there online website.Changing ASAP,


:( very poorly managed company.National guaranty or drivers insurance group is the company they place you with.

These companies are cash fronts and both companies have no cash flow. They are both managed by a man named Alex Campos (sure don't want my insurance company to have one principal and five investors). Nothing Legit about them at all. the owner of which is the agent that will contact you based on your Internet request is also owned by Alex Campos.

Additionally Linda Bradley is an authrorized agent for the company, but also handles the Human Resources for the company and is the wife of one of the owners. They add an additional 55 and tell you it's for roadside and a pharmacy savings benefit card however you can go right to their website and print the free pharmacy card. The roadside assistance is a waste of money. A AAA plan equates to about 70 annually to their 55 every six months.

Basically this is a non rated insurance company, they say they are A+ with the BBB however real insurance companies are rated on financial strength, not customer complaints and service. Overall if you just need a policy today they may be the one for you, however if you are looking to build an insurance relationship, than this would not be my suggestion, because their Super Saver Policy issued in Texas provide the coverage it states. If your child is driving the car and has an accident- hope you don't have a loan because if the child was not added onto the original application than they have no coverage and you are out of luck. The owners, Kerry Sebree, Larry John Ratzel, Alex J Campos and two additional investors are just funneling money.

They owned One World Mortgage which failed and was ordered by the State of GA to cease and desist. They also own a body shop, auto sales lot, PC Processing, Amazing Insurance(failed), Driver insurance company and group. I wouldn't trust these crooks to hold onto a buy one get one free coupon let alone provide insurance for my ole baby. I would consider strongly before purchasing.

The president for Getautoinsurance named Keith Mahar was ran out of Texas because of his shady business ethics, with a magazine and communications company which both failed. They try but because there books are so cooked and have been cooked for am long time they will never WIN.

geico progressive all state state farm may all have higher rates but at least there is not a risk of 5 people emptying accounts and punching it to the next state.Business is written in either IN, TX, OK, NV, or NM however they are based in Duluth, Ga and had to close their GA based insurance company because they couldn't handle the claims and amounts and had minimum cash flow to pay claims.


Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I was shopping between this and other, but I go the other since I do not want to spend time on phone calls dealing w/ mishandling/miss-communication.


I've had this insurance for over 3 months now. Never had a bit of a problem with them, and they have indeed been helpful. I will admit that the hold times are a tad long, but the reps that I speak with are indeed friendly.


This is a very shady company.Unfortunately, I made the mistake of providing them my bank account information before signing off on the paperwork.

After reviewing the policy they quoted me and seeing that is was full of exclusions, I decided it was not the right policy for me and told the representative of this over the phone. She cancelled the application process, but this certainly did not stop them from withdrawing two transactions from my checking account. I immediately called the company upon learning this and was told I would need to send a copy of the checks to them for a refund to be issued. I did this, and six weeks later still had not received a refund.

I called again and was told that they now wanted to see a copy of my bank statement as well (although the returned checks I sent them indicated that they had cleared my bank).

I asked why nobody contacted me to tell me this, and the response was "I don't know." Be vary wary of companies like this.I certainly would not want to have to deal with a shady operation like this one if I was in an accident and needed help.


I was just about to buy this insurance for my son. Thanks i knew the price was too good. I'll with Geico and pay a little more!


This insurance may not be a scam, but they are not right.They hit my bank account in may for a payment from March.

Also charged my account an extre $60 for roadside, which wasn't permission from me. I keep getting a run around on my money. No manager will call back and the customer service is rude and will hang up on you. They won't even give you their real name, I have spoken to more then 6 customer service people and when I call back and ask for them, they no longer work there.

I have had problems since day one and I am currently looking for new insurence. I have contacted this insurance 11 times today and I get hung up on or transfered to another account. Now to come to find out that not only does get auto insurance, lindsey insurance and roadside service are allowed to pull money out of your accout.

Why is there 3 companies pulling money out of my account?Good new is My lawyer is taking the case and will pursue with further actions!


I disagree! I've been insured by them for 3 years now and they've been nothing but helpful. If you guys want to let your personal problems leak over to your reviews than so be it, at least i only pay $30 a month for my 2000 Ford f150


I have been trying to get to website to electronically sign. I have been having trouble and am about to get a refund even b 4 starting cause already getting mad nothing about this should b hard


It's a B.S company.Trust me...

I used to work there.

Everybody is ghetto and un educated.YOU DO NOT WANT INSURANCE FROM THESE PEOPLE


This place is the d3vil!!!They discriminate against the military!

They said they would help me!They owe me thousands


Someone with this insurance hit me and turned my life upside down.These people really know how to give you the run around.

I call everyday and wait on hold for an hour only to be sent to a voicemail never to be called back.Even the insured is upset with his own insurance.


This company sucks....I have sent my pictures 4* and they sais they havent received them..

I talked with my agent like 3 times just for her to tell me shell call me back and i never hear from her..

this company sucks!!!Stay Away!!!


I have ins w/them currently and have NOT had the best service...except for when they signed me up--go figure.My clutch went out, so I was stranded, called to file a claim and hoping that a tow truck would be covered by my ins & this company is "closed" on weekends (even to file a claim--you have to call back on Monday!) So I called Monday and after literally being on hold for 30 minutes, I gave up.

On the flip side, hey--you get what ya pay monthly insurance.(Not really worth it if no agents and no reps are available to speak with.)

People who left positive comments---truly unbelievable to be legit.


I called this group of *** clowns just to get an took talking to 4 people with a varity of excuses before someone had to call me back an hour later becouse their system was down. They offered a very low quote with the reason being they don't have offices everywhere and all work is done online...if this correct who are all these people talking about thier agents? Research has led me back to the saying "if it sounds too good to be is" :?


they do SUCK!!!My daughter was stranded for 3 hrs because the roadside *** was not sent to the RSS company.

3 hrs of hold time,lies, rudeness, back and forth phone calls and after it was all said and done she still had to pay for the locksmith!!!

They are "CHEAP" in every since of the word!KEEP SHOPPING


This guys are the ***!!!!

They are helpful, sometimes the waits on the phone are annoying but ive only had to call a few times. Idk why that guy uptop was freakin but this is the real deal!


for the person who made the comment about get auto, (that it was probably the company itself making the positive comments.BOY are you so wrong about them.

I am truly sorry that anybody has had trouble with them.all I can say is that you need to talk with someone different.


:) I love this insurance agency, I have had them for over almost two years, I have never been happier with an insurance company.Whenever I have had a problem, my agent has taken care of everything.

A couple of months ago I was charged twice and they had no problem crediting my account for the next month.Even today I had some issues and once again I contacted my agent and she handled everything for me.


thanks guys iam looking for insurance and i was thinking abt this company at first but i hate the reviews so iam going somewhere else


:grin.Getautoinsurance is the best thing that happened to me.

I had high rates with other companies and was just paying for the name. I have been with them for 2 years and never had a problem. My agent is great. The customer service was nice when I switched cars.

This comapny has truly been a blessing for me.I can see why the have been around for over 30 years ands have under 5 complaints!


they have taken my money as well.i have written and called three times and still no refund.

i have never reviewed a company before, but am so disgusted. i hope this helps someone out.

look elsewhere!!:x

#162180 general ins.The worst customer service I have dealt with in 38 trs of buying ins.

Do not buy auto ins.

there you probably will be sorry.the positive comments on this website were probobly posted by them


I currently have and love my agent. She is wonderful. I have had them for a year and it is the best thing I did!


I had the same experience with them.Forget getting insurance with them.

They really stole my money and even they don't answer my phones properly.

I had never seen such agents in my life.:(


thanks for the info, i'm shopping around right now, and i was thinking about going with these guys, but screw that!


i love they have done nothing whole family has insurance with them...

their not a scam!!!!!gooooo!!!!


I had the same experience.These people are rip offs.

They ripped me out of 145.00. I sent in the pics of my carand have the emails to prove this. The managers started avoiding my calls and its been a ***. I contacted the BBB and reported them.

If we all call BBB maybe we can get them shut down....They are SCAMS.


Thanks for the info, I'm shoping for insurance.and I'm checking out the insurance complaints first.

I will stay away from that one for sure.:eek

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